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Startup Cabin Podcast - insights, tools and stories to make you a better entrepreneur. Hosted by Xue Mei Rhodin, professional business adviser for the Tech, IT, Design and Game industries. Xue Mei has been featured in Dagens Nyheter, Cap&Design, DigitalTeknik. Expressen talking about building businesses, brands and working smart as an entrepreneur. --------------------------------------------------------


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May 16, 2016

Are you stuck in a freeloader mentality? The reason you're not reaching the next level.

There is basic level networking, deals, contacts and business. And then there is next level deals, invite-only networks and big business. Are you stuck in a freeloader mentality because you had basic level advisors telling you to get...

May 9, 2016

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May 2, 2016

The one thing that entrepreneurs, social media stars and careerist fear the most is critique. Yet it's the one thing that will make them better than anyone else.

In this episode you'll get to hear how veteran entrepreneurs and public figures deal with critique, haters and negative feedback.

My article in Digital Teknik...

Apr 26, 2016

Donald Trump is not the most liked guy in the world right now. Many people wish he'd stayed in business and stayed out of politics.

But in this episode I'll share some brilliant business strategies that he used to become the hotel and business mogul he is and get venture capital and investments for his companies. For...

Mar 28, 2016

You should be either
1. Making your customers money, or
2. Saving your customers money.

With the growth of the sharing economy and companies like UBER and AirBnB, your customers are getting used to the idea that they should be paid for using your service or product.

We are in the midst of a shifting economy that...