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Startup Cabin Podcast - insights, tools and stories to make you a better entrepreneur. Hosted by Xue Mei Rhodin, professional business adviser for the Tech, IT, Design and Game industries. Xue Mei has been featured in Dagens Nyheter, Cap&Design, DigitalTeknik. Expressen talking about building businesses, brands and working smart as an entrepreneur. --------------------------------------------------------


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Mar 14, 2016

Gaining smaller territories helps you take bigger territories. That's how you win when playing RISK. The same principle works when growing your company's market reach.

Xue Mei Rhodin gives some strategy you can use to grow your business empire one city at a time.


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Feb 8, 2016

What do you do when your industry is being turned upside down? The media has been suffering massive disruption with floods of amateurs entering their market via #podcasts and #video.

People don't want to pay to news anymore! How media companies respond will make or break them. And there just two ways to respond.

Dec 8, 2014

Startup Cabin loves games, and this one is very cool. We talk with Christopher Kingdon about Adventure Box and everything surrounding this innovative game. His team has decades of experience, and there are some valuable points to be learned for anyone in the gaming/app market. 

Oct 28, 2014

Louise Eriksson, founder of Vint, shares a wealth of startup knowledge in this talk with Xue Mei. Louise is a serial entrepreneur who has great insight into many areas along the startup journey. 

In this show you will hear:

  • Why every startup must know how to sell
  • The steps Louise took to research the US market before...

Oct 6, 2014

Johan Attby is the CEO of Fishbrain, a social network and life logging app for sport fishing. We hear about how Fishbrain is going after a 40 billion dollar market, his successful journey as an entrepreneur, the lessons he's learned along the way, and why he is strong believer in niche social networks.