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May 13, 2015

Ricky Helgesson

Ricky Helgesson, CEO of Univrses

Ricky has been programming since he was 10 years old, and has extensive experience in tech, gaming and creating companies. In this podcast, Ricky offers some great insights into the rise of VR, mobile technology and gaming. His most recent company is Univrses, a mobile VR tracking solution.

Univrses is adding positional tracking to mobile virtual reality. No cables, no expensive hardware, no external trackers - just you and your legs. With only a smart phone and a simple VR headset like Google Cardboard, you can map out your playing space and move freely through a virtual world.

univrses logo

Ricky goes deep into the details of what makes Univrses such a unique and exciting product. You'll learn all about the features and the technology behind it. In the photo below, you see Ricky overseeing a user testing out a prototype of their product. With movement accuracy within 5mm, the VR experience is truly immersive. She better be careful with that bat.

univrses prototype

Also on the podcast:

Xue Mei and Ricky discuss possible new applications of VR in games and talk about how this new technology will offer new challenges to developers. 

Ricky talks about the exciting possibility to have synced gameplay with users around the world in a virtual environment. This video shows how you would see other players in a virtual world.


You will hear about "Wands: The Magic Duel", the game Ricky and his team are developing to demonstrate the Univrses technology. Wands will soon be on Kickstarter. Here are some images they have released on Twitter ( @univrses)



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